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That Selphie Pro Thing! Black clip-on selphie light

That Selfie Pro Thing!


That Selfie Pro Thing! is the Ultimate Studio Quality LED Clip Light for Selfies & Videos. 10x brighter than other leading selfie lights.

The super-bright, perfectly diffused light uses the same quality LEDs as professionals. Eliminate red eye, control shadows. No grainy dark shots in any light conditions, even in complete darkness.

    Compact and beautiful, small enough to carry anywhere, Selfie Pro has an aluminium unibody with luxury bevelled edges and is available in Gold, Rose Gold, Silver or Black.

    Also available from Amazon

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    - 6 x studio quality LEDs
    - Colour Temperature 5600k
    - 240mAh battery (40mins continuous runtime (good for 100s of Selfies)
    - Micro-USB to USB recharging cable included
    - Charge indicator (red light turns off when fully charged)
    - Up to 10x brighter than other selfie lights

    5 Star Rating on Amazon!

    "Amazing, beer that looks and tastes like its just been pulled in the pub, but at home!" By TOBY B on 4 Jan 2017

    "Adds Some Life to the Party (and the Beer!)" By CYP Writer on 4 Jan 2017

    "Great little gadget if you love your beer" By Adamon 5 Jan 2017