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We love our beer here at ThatThing! it's the reason we turned our minds towards to creating the UltraBeer in the first place. But we were inspired and continue to draw inspiration from some really cool innovations from the industry - here are a few of our favourites...

1. Artican from Corkcicle

This sweet little thing is basically the coolest (pardon the pun) beer cosy going. It keeps your beer of choice cool for a whopping 3 hours. I don't know if we'd recommend nursing a beer for that long, but at least now you have the option.

2. 10 Second Beer Glass Froster from Hammacher Schlemmer

No more putting your glasses in the freezer 30 mins before you want a decent beer - with this beauty you're ready to go all the time. It uses C02 to instantly cool yours glass down and attaches to a bar/kitchen work top. Perfect.

3. Draught Beer Tap Dispenser from Klarstein

Draught beer in your home - what more do we have to say. The design is sleek and cool as well - more like a coffee machine to look at. It would nestle very nicely in anyones kitchen and works with party kegs. Can someone buy me one?

4. Bike Bottle Opener from State Bicycle Co

The ultimate meeting of the cycling and beer communities. You simply pop this on the frame of your bike and your can crack a beer open on your travels. Who doesn't like a cold one at the end of a hard days cycle? Just make sure you're done for the day ;)

5. Underground Beer Cooler from eCool

This little beauty is a eco beer lovers dream. May take a bit of installation but dig it into your garden and you've got a beer fridge that is good for the environment. A really 'cool' (sorry) innovation. If I didn't live 2 stories up I'd get one!

6. Cap Zappa from Spinning Hat

How to make a bottle opener better - turn it into a gun. This great little gadget means that none of your beer buddies are safe. You remove the bottle cap from your craft beer of choice and then pull the trigger on anyone nearby. Great!

7. Beer Can Holster from

Who doesn't like looking like Rambo? Well now you can take your fantasy to the next level with this beer can holster. Whether you're on the all day session or tailgate party you're now ready. The belt keeps your cans slightly chilled but we're not sure if it'll work if you fill all 12 spaces...

8. The UltraBeer from, well, Us...

Well, we couldn't leave it out could we?! We love our little beer gadget and what it does. It helps us enjoy whatever we are drinking to the maximum and gives that delicious creamy head that we like on our beers. You can get yours here.

So, those are some of our favourite beer gadgets. Have we missed any out? Please let us know on our Facebook and Twitter. Cheers!