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When it comes to the global craft beer scene, the US has led the way since the beginning. There is a wealth of great breweries in America so choosing 10 breweries that we love is no easy ask - but here goes...

1. Odell Brewing Co

First on our list is one of Colorado's bigger boys. Odell produce some of the greatest beers in Colorado and we love their latest addition Drumroll APA - a light refreshing pale ale that kicks ass.

2. New Belgium Brewing Co

Another great from Colorado is New Belgium and a bit of a behemoth compared to many of the states smaller breweries. But they prove again and again that size is no issue when staying 'craft' by showcasing some of the greatest beer available to buy and being 100% owned by their employees.

3. Sixpoint Brewing

Born in New York in the then dilapidated district of Brooklyn, Sixpoint started brewing in a 800 sq ft garage and has grown exponentially ever since. Their motto is 'Beer is culture' and with beers like Bengali and Resin it's a culture we'd certainly like to be part of.

4. Lagunitas Brewing Co

Brewing out of Chicago and Petaluma - Lagunitas is another amazing US craft brewery. We love their flagship IPA and their love of the deeper meaning behind the beer - a connection between people.

5. Rogue Ales

Dare - Risk - Dream is the motto of this Oregon based brewery - expressing themselves through crafting delicious beer and spirits with a spark or revolution. Starting life as a brewpub, that ethos of delicious fresh beer has never left Rogue, check out Dead Guy Ale if you ever get the chance. 

6. Oskar Blues

Oskar Blues may be known as one of the first craft breweries to start canning their beer - but they're so much more than that. Producing some of the finest beers in the US across a massive range of styles, they're one of the greats. We love Priscilla.

7. D.G. Yuengling & Son 

Billing themselves as Americas oldest breweries - these guys are still kicking ass, Out selling all the other craft breweries in 2015 their is still fight in the old dog yet. We're big fans of their traditional lager.

8. Left Hand Brewing

Left Hand started after one of their founders was given a home brew kit for his Christmas - what a present that turned out to be. Pioneers of the nitro style of beer and pouring - we think their Nitro Milk Stout is the best around.

9. Brooklyn Brewery

Living in the hip district of Williamsburg, Brookyln Brewery reflects the great brewing history that that area represents. Their flagship Brooklyn Lager was peddled by hand by their founders and soon a love of their beer to hold in the city. There is also a bowling ally attached to their brewery - that just makes them cooler.

10. Stone Brewing Co

Stone has been heralded as the best brewery in the world in recent years. With such a wealth of great beers from this brewery that celebrates 'true independent craft' - we can't really argue. We had some of their Stone Ripper recently and it is an instant classic.

So there you have it - our list of incredible US breweries. Their amazing beers should be enjoyed in the best possible way - so grab an UltraBeer and make sure you're getting the best beer possible whichever brewery you're drinking from :)