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People have laughed at us for our beer innovation, but even we have had a chuckle at this one...

Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong based airline are introducing a beer called the Betsy Beer and it's designed to be drank at 35,000ft. They argue that this is because passengers sense of taste changes due to the changes in pressure.

This might seem mental on the face of it (it did to us anyway), but airlines have been doing it with their onboard meals for ages. So, it does start to make sense if you look at it like that.

Betsy is brewed by the Hong Kong Beer Co and is made up of a mix of British and Hong Kong ingredients to give it a unique and refreshing taste. If you can't wait to try then hop on a flight from Hong Kong International or Heathrow after the 1st of March. All we want to know is, will you be able to use the UltraBeer on it?!

What do you think about this latest innovation? Is it just a gimmick or a great idea? Even better, tell us the worst beer you've had on a flight. I had a warm Goose Island IPA once which was out of date by 3 months... D'lish...