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We were lucky enough to have a chat with Oliver Meade the man behind Craft Metropolis - an online store that delivers the best beers made in London to your door. A neat and innovative idea so we asked him where he thought of the idea...
OM: They say you can do anything you want to in life. This is not true. I'd never make it as a world class sprinter or a brain surgeon! However can I set up and sell beer that I love to people on line? I decided yes and rolled my passion into a business. I remember the moment well, a glorious late summer evening after a BBQ sat drinking a craft beer with my Dad in the garden back in 2015. My Dad's always done his own thing and in typical Yorkshire fashion he said: "eye, sounds good, go for it"
TT: You've taken the idea of the bottleshop and pub style community online - was the blending of taking a traditional business online a conscious choice?
OM: 100% I wanted the customer to feel this was part of their community even though it was online. I've focussed on the map and the London regions to give people a much stronger feeling of where beer came from and where other beers originate, really giving the capitals' craft beer a sense of place. I also wanted to give the drinkers a choice to choose their own if they wanted to. No one else offers this because it messes up business models - it's complicated and time consuming but it was the most important thing for me to do and people love it.
TT: Why do you think building this community online for craft beer lovers is important?
OM: Spreading better beer is brilliant. People are still a bit uneducated as to all the brilliant beer out there. I don't think of myself or other beer clubs as some kind of messiah for beer but it's sad to see people buying beer simply to get it down there necks. It's the best feeling in the world when someone says "these beers are amazing, it's changed the way I look at beer". At it's core nearly all craft beer is made with care, love, and passion and that's something worth celebrating.
TT: We've sent you a few of the UltraBeers, what do you think of them?
OM: Brilliant. I'm from Yorkshire and love a sprinkler in an ale and love a long lingering head on a beer. Always have and always will. The gadget gives me that at home in an instant and it's a must-have accessory for me now. Not only does it improve the aroma of the beer it makes it so much more silky to drink. I'm getting thirsty now.
TT: Do you think beer and technology compliment each other as industries and communities?
OM: There wouldn't be craft beer without technology and innovation. If it wasn't for people experimenting with brews, gadgets, brew kits, can and the rest then we would still be drinking sad mass-produced lager and uninspiring ales.
TT: Finally - favourite beer & favourite gadget?
OM: Ever changing but London Beer Factory Fruit Loop for a new beer and Beavertown Holy Cowbell for a revisit beer. For beer it has to be the Ultrabeer - I'm not just saying that!
TT: We'll give you that fiver later...
Head over to Craft Metropolis and find the best beers London has to offer and they all work with the UltraBeer :)