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Beer is one of the worlds great pleasures, I think we're all agreed on that. A simple blend of 4 main ingredients, maybe a splash of adjunct here and there and you have a something perfect. So, it deserves attention and you don't want to spoil it by not presenting it in the right way. Here's some considerations when pouring the perfect beer.

1. Choose The Right Glass

Proper glass wear is very important, the right glass can enhance a beer to something incredible. Looking at the character and ABV of your beer you can choose to serve in a two-thirds, half pints and taster glass. Any beer book worth its salt has a guide so check that out for more guidance.

2. A Beer Clean Glass

Arguably the most important point is to make sure the glass is clean – not just clean but spotless. Oil and other debris can ruin the taste and appearance of your beer, so hold it up to the light to check. A good clean before and then a rinse with cold, clean water before serving should do the trick.

3. The 45* Degree Angle

Now for the pour. Hold the glass at a 45* degree handle and boldly pour down the side of the glass. The angle allows the beer to gently fill the glass, giving you control over the beer from the start. You don’t actually want the bottle or can to touch the glass.

4. Straighten and Drop To Bring On The Head

Begin to level out the glass and drop down the glass to promote the beginning of the perfect head. Your now aiming to pour the beer directly into the centre of the glass. If the head comes on too strong immediately, don’t be afraid to stop pouring tap and leave the beer to rest for a minute or two.

5. At The Right Moment... Stop

As the perfect head of your pint reaches the very top of your glass, bring the glass back up toward the bottle or can. Then just as it reaches the brim, stop pouring. This'll avoid anything spilling over the edge of your glass.

6. Grab Your UltraBeer...

It would hardly be a ThatThing post about beer if we didn't mention our amazing gadget. Give your brew a quick blast with the UltraBeer and watch those bigger bubbles dissipate and a full thick head will form. Now you have a tight head that'll grip your top lip perfectly.

7. Aaaand Serve…

Now you’ve poured the perfect pint, let that glass settle for a few seconds and some of the bigger bubbles will disappear. I know its tough, but savour it!

There you go, 7 steps to pouring the perfect pint. What makes it better is, if you mess up or your beer goes flat quickly - you can punch it back to life with the Ultrabeer. That way you get the perfect beer all the way through.