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With craft beer being the industry it is - with massive emphasis on experimentation and collaboration - it's easy to draw parallels between it and neighbouring industries. With so many we thought we'd pull together a few examples.


This one is obviously very close to our own heart. The UltraBeer was formed from a love of both tech and craft beer and trying to use the first to improve the latter and squeeze the very best out of every beer. Tech is always being used by brewers to make their process more efficient and of course to get the best, freshest beers to customers. Look at all the new high tech breweries springing up across the globe (Brewdogs new one in Columbus to name but one)


Now their is always going to a parallel drawn here. As much as many loath it, their is always going to be those who use a love of craft beer as a fashion statement. However, many breweries do put a heavy emphasis on promoting their brands through tshirts, hoodies etc. People love to promote their favourite breweries and a great way of doing that is through wearing their merch. Some of our faves can be found here.


Even though my life is almost solely propelled through caffeine - that's probably not enough to draw a good comparison. What we're looking at is the processes behind those industries. Good coffee shops now put emphasis on the providence of their beans, how they were roasted and even new and innovative ways to serve them. Sound familiar? Not even to mention the similarities in decor between coffee shops and craft bars...


Okay, a curveball given that you're not allowed to drink and cycle... Technically... But there are definite comparisons to be made in terms of people who spend a lot on cycling and also enjoy a good beer. Whether it's your fixie peddling hipster or your lycra clad middle ager on a very expensive road bike. Don't forget the past time of a big cycle around the countryside and stopping for a pub lunch. I suppose this could have also been running given Mikkellers new foray into running clubs...


Probably one we can all agree on - the tasty beer and some good beats is a match made in heaven. But some breweries are taking these links to next level, like Two Tribes Brewing who teamed up with Universal Records to make two beers (so far) that you can actually scan and download music from. Also, look at every major music festival - there is always a beer sponsor. Coincidence?

So there is a few of the parallels we can think of - let us know if you can think of anymore. Cheers!