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We obviously think the UltraBeer is the biggest step forward in not only beer but technology since the turn of the century... Seriously... But this comes off the back of a marriage between beer and tech since the earliest days.

It's quite odd, perhaps given the effects beer has on people, that there is a mass of science and wizardry behind every single pint. Seeing a someone fall out of a taxi and then struggle to put their keys in his front door after a night at the pub, hardly makes you think, "look at that scientist".

That said, the effort and thought that goes into the science of craft brewing is immense - and it is science. Malting, fermentation, adding yeast, flavouring with hops, bottle conditioning and adding CO2 mark just a few factors in the complex brewing process. The base of these processes haven't really changed since the first beer was brewed but have constantly been upgraded and developed with coming styles and changing tastes.

Then there is the constantly changing technology which aids that scientific process, all geared towards the preservation of taste and flavour. For instance, some brewers like Brewdog, said goodbye to the old fish guts method of filtration and developed centrifuges to completely avoid that stage. But even from storage, to cleaning, to serving - even the smallest part of the life of a beer has been upgraded by technology.

It's this meeting of disciplines that has lead us to develop the UltraBeer. It's using technology, innovation and a love of great beer to help you enjoy your IPA, stout, pale ale or lager to the max. I wonder what the next big innovation will be?