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Most people when they think of beer, think of a golden or amber coloured liquid with a tall foaming white head. Perhaps slightly toppling over the side of the glass - well that's if emojis are anything to go by... Connoisseurs will also say the head on a beer is important because it helps enhance the flavour, mouthfeel and aroma of the beer. Indeed the significance of the head on beer has even led to academics studying it. Here are some styles which need a good thick head to be enjoyed to their full potential.

1. Weissbier 

Kicking off our list is this Bavarian favourite - brewed in that region exclusively by the Bavarian Royal Family for nearly 300 years. Served in a tall glass with an essential huge head and sometimes a wedge of lemon. Perfect for a hot summers day. Try a classic Erdinger Weissbier.

2. Stout 

Everybody knows the importance of good head on a Guinness - but its also important for other stouts. A full thick head will cuddle up nicely to the rich creamy beer and add that extra little something. Try Left Hands Milk Stout you'll see what we mean!

3. IPA

It's probably the most fashionable style around just now but the main thing that makes IPA's so popular is their hop character. To support those aromas and flavours a good head is imperative. Try the UKs best seller Punk IPA from Brewdog as a starting point.

4. American Pale Ales

Almost every brewery has a pale ale of some sorts - it's modern and has a lot to do with the rose of craft beer in the USA. Mountains of hops are used in these beers and although a lot of them will have the 'big hop hit' in the body, the more delicate aromas will be stored in the head. Take a deep sniff because they may be gone quickly. Try Dales Pale Ale from Oskar Blues.

5. Saison

A top fermented beer named simply from the word 'season' because farmers in Flanders would drink it during their summer season to sustain themselves. Usually defined by its yeast character - it's aromas are so complex that a decent head is necessary just to get to grips with that you're sensing. Try Saison Dupont famed for it's rock hard head that never disappears.

So there's five craft styles that require a good head to be enjoyed fully and of course a good way of doing that is with the UltraBeer. The micro bubbles it produces through it's ultrasound bursts bring on that full and thick head and make it perfect for enjoying your beers fully. What beer would you recommend we try it on next?