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We are heading along as punters to CBR17 this weekend and we can't wait to meet some of our favourite brewers and breweries. Here are 5 of our top picks...


These North London locals are one of the most well known in the UK. We love Gamma Ray and Neck Oil and we're hoping to grab them for a chat about their upcoming projects and drop them in an UltraBeer!


A brewery started last year to turn beer into clean drinking water along with their partners Brewdog by giving 100% of their profits away to clean water initiatives. I know pretty neat! This is philanthropy we can get behind!

Meantime Brewing Company

An in your face brewery from nearby with one of our favourite beers a London Porter. We're hoping they have some sneaky surprises up their sleeve for us to tuck into. Fingers crossed!

Fierce Beer

Producers of beers with bold, strong beers from the north of Scotland - we already love the concept. Add that to their kick ass branding and the fact that Ferment Magazine named them as ones to watch last year - we can wait to meet them!

40FT Brewery

Another of Londons great breweries will be heading along and we're hoping to catch them. Definitely one of our favourite beers at the minute is their Pale Ale - hopefully they've got a fresh keg that we can drink dry.

We'll be wandering around and *drinking* in the atmosphere and showing people the UltraBeer so if you see a couple of guys saying, "Yeah, we know it looks like dildo" that'll probably be us.

Come say Hi!